Joomla Custom Error.php File

I need to customize the error.php file so that the error page integrates with the template. Currently only the background color shows up:

I want it to look like the home page with the above error message centered in the middle of the template (same header, left and right columns, footer).

This site uses dynami404 which cleverly finds the page with the closest content. Although dynamic404 should not create any problems, 2 people have tried but failed to accomplish this task. We manage dozens of Joomla sites so if you do a good job, we will hire you for other joomla jobs.

Below is an email from the authors of dynamic404:

Dynamic404 does not do anything strange here. You need to modify the “error.php” to your needs: Add the HTML to make it appear like the rest of your site. Add the PHP-code of Dynamic404 to add the right logic.

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