Customized Joomla Template

We are looking for a customized Template for Joomla 1.5.15
The proposed template should look similiar with “rhuk_milkyway”, but is better designed and has more functions.
The template should be suitable for human rights campaigning web site (non-commercial), can be in light gold, light gray or NOT too bright colors.
Features needed:
– Fast loading.
– Width: 1024 pixels or similiar.
– 3 columns: Left and Right columns for advertising and article listings. Center column for Frontpage articles. Columns should be divided by a think line.
– Body text in the center column should have a margin of 10 px on left and right margin.
– Body text should be about 10 pt, Arial with space between paragraph at about 135% of line height.
– A User #10 Module added at bottom of the center body column — above the Footer section but still within the center column.
– With Font Size Selector.
– Top Menu Module position available.
– Unicode fonts capability.
– Video and Audio module ready.
– PPS/PPT slide show ready

Programmer would be willing to make minor adjustments, additions to suite our needs.
If you would like to take this project, please introduce template(s)you prefer by providing links to sites which are using the template that looks almost as desired by us.
Thank you.

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