Joomla Database Work

I need work done on a joomla site. Right now it’s here www.2kcomputer(remove_this)

I’m wiling to pay $60-80 for this work. I pick someone fast so respond to your emails today and dont’ take a days to accept a project.

What I need
– Design database structure for a Joomla’s component and implement the code, include user account info, payment records, individual user records, payment management.
It will just hold the account data and what not for the user.

– Contact box – This should function more like an address book (like on where users can add contacts so they can easily select from a list of saved contacts when sending a fax (instead of having to type commonly used numbers over and over again).

Also, you should be able to sort through them like you currently can on the “Contact Books” section

– Also, I realize they are tests lists, but you should be able to actually open the faxes from those lists (there weren’t any messages on the test list)

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