Joomla Site Modification

Joomla Site Modification
Ask me for the link to the site

I have a site that I would say is 40% done, maybe more. I had a programmer do the site, but he must of had other work or something, because their were none stop issues with him not understanding me and I’d only get a response from him every 4 days or so. Anyway I’m moving on from him.

He did some of the work. The menu drop down is all there, the design is there, but he didn’t do the homepage right. Anyway I’m willing to pay $130-200 for this project. It must be done in 2 weeks or less.

The site will require a good portion of mods to a joomla template.

The site will requre you to do the following:

Home News Products & Services Events Contact
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Co. Directory

• US
• International
• Contracts
• Technology
• M&A Cameras
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Manned EO Systems
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Unmanned Systems
(Website Tool bar) +Add Your Company Search _____________

Notes on functionality needed:
• Products & Services section needs good (easy, fast, accurate) search capability. Search should be based on either company, product, or service.
• Several places throughout the site will encourage readers to submit information to be added to the site: company information, products, services, resumes, news, jobs, etc. Each one will have a form to capture the information to be posted . The admin tool should allow a simple review and post option by the admin without much if any effort. Simple ‘push of a button approval’.

Home Page Layout (note: follow format similar to is the premier resource for news and information about the components and systems used in military imaging.

Latest Headlines

(instant RSS feeds with mix of sources from list below) Advertisement

Company Directory:

Featured Technology

Information feed or input from site admin (JR) on a topic basis
Topic next few months
NIR Cameras Advertisement

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Featured Products:

NOTE: Content Sites for newsfeeds: as of 11/28/09

About Us:
The site is a new web portal designed for the International Defense & Aerospace Industry. It is a source of daily information for Manufacturers, OEM’S, System Integrators and Contractors. The portal focuses on military imaging equipment (cameras, optics, detectors) and systems (Manned EO, UAVs, UGVs, UUVs).
We provide a comprehensive breakdown of products and services from leading industry contractors, with up-to-date news and press releases when exciting developments occur. The Site provides links to the most important Defense related organizations, events and players in this market worldwide.

Elance Posting:
I am looking to create an informational website through the aggregation of relevant news items. This is a full design job for a new site including logos, colors, and CMS.
My company sells products to the target industry and the intention is to use this website to:
• Generate repeat visitors by providing useful news and information to my industry
• Generate leads for my company / website
• Generate networking opportunities in the industry
• Encourage participation via forums and postings
• Generate some revenue through selling ads & keywords
Basically I would like to import my content from other sites using RSS feeds and whatever other means are possible. The site needs to be able to capture RSS, etc. specific to my industry and also allow forums and comments. Essentially the site should look professional and interesting with content coming from other places.
Important Site Considerations
• The site needs to have an easy to use admin tool so I can change content myself
• Other than content updates the site must be easy to maintain and virtually free to operate (except my time, updates, hosting, etc.)
• The site should be cost effective to create and have the ability to add more to the initial design in the future.

In the end functionality is more important than design to me. The ease of administration, and ability to bring in up to date topic related news is more important than a custom template or from scratch design. I really want the site to encourage users to view and post things. When they post it should be a form based posting that gives me the ability to ‘hit a button’ and publish… For example ‘add a company’ would be based on products and services that company offers. So under ‘Cameras, Infrared, the information for Flir Systems would show up (address, website, telephone etc.). I also want to be able to upgrade those listings by having their logo added etc. for a fee. The newsletter is also a key piece. I need to capture visitor information and then allow them to receive daily or weekly updates that summarizes the news.

Here it is in the attachment the site outline and most important elements.
1. Toolbar
2. Organization
3. Multiple ‘entry’ points for interaction – news, jobs, resumes, products, etc.

Note: I’ll provide the words needed for each of the forms for you to design. Ideally, it will be simple so that if someone fills out a form it goes to the admin in a type of holding pattern until the adminstrator (currently me) can do a quick scan and hit ‘publish’ so that it will go live.

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