Custom Vm Cart Bug Fix

Custom Vm Cart Bug Fix


Look at this website www . top class designs. com / testsite / (take out spaces) try and add one of the products. Use step 3 and add to cart “design request”, once you upload the file or even click on checkout the it says cart empty. For some reason it doesnt add to the cart. Same problem with the “order” button. The only ones that get to the cart are the check out and step 2 because they both bypass the artwork uploader.

Also in IE is there any way to make those drop down menus in the cart display properly? They get cut off but in fox it extends the box.

Any other bugs you see in this design and template let me know, it must work from adding product to checkout. Above is the only known problems in both ie and fox. I have been back and forth over a year with this script. Remember i need this packaged back into a zip file that i can just install on any site. I have everything packaged already from the original version.

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