Tshirt Affiliate Site

Tshirt Affiliate Site

Im looking for a cheap and easy tshirt affiliate site with payment cart (paypal / credit card).

I like this design: ( http://cms.template-help.com/virtuemart_28768/ ) but would like to also add another “module” for the front page area between the top menu and “new movies” area.. (obviously the site would sell tshirts and not videos)
In that module I would like to be able to add video that I can change from the admin area.

The design: http://cms.template-help.com/virtuemart_28768/ is just an idea of layout, so only use it as an idea unless you think buying this template and editing it would be a cheaper way to get the results I want.

It will need to have an admin area to be able to change or add new affiliate codes and I would also need to be able to add my own brand tshirts as I grow the site.

Maybe you have a script you have used before or you buy a cheap template (Worpress or Joomla or ?)and edit it to my specs.. I will leave it up to you for the cheapest way I could possibly get this site up and running.

If you have done some tshirt site like this in the past, please send links to me to take a look.

Thanks, please get in touch with your bids and your estimated delivery time. Keeping in mind the budget is not large.

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