Copy / Paste Data Into Drupal

Copy / Paste Data Into Drupal

I need about 1000(I didnt count) items copied from a joomla site, to a clone that is a drupal site.

Joomla Site:
Drupal Site:

Directories that need copied to drupal site:

Type #1: Articles. These article directories need to be posted into a content type called “Articles” in drupal(this is already created), in the appropriate terms that share the same name as the directories below(ex: psychokinesis, energy manipulation, general psionics, mind/body). The terms were already created in taxonomy.

Type 2: Books. Each book needs to be posted as a separate node in the books(not book!) content type. I created this content type for you. It is preferred that you place the books into term categories(ex: psychokinesis, energy constructs, esp, mind/body), but this is not a requirement. I have created a custom cck field for the link. This is just data copy/paste. Each as a separate node please! Maybe you can suggest some way to link each book to amazon for me, but this is not a requirement.

Type 3: Seminars / Logs. Please post all content items below into separate nodes, within the content type “seminars”. The psychokinesis logs need to be posted into the psychokinesis term within the content type “seminars”. Follow this pattern for all other types of logs(energy construct logs go into energy construct category, etc).

Type #4: Research. This is divided up into 4 subcategories(terms in taxonomy): External Research Articles, Grants Offered for Psi Research, Ways You Can Participate in Psi Research, Psi Research Organization. Each content item from the following links should be posted as separate nodes in the appropriate content type and category(term):

Type 5: External Links. Each link has to be posted as a separate node in the drupal site. I will create a custom link field for you, just paste the appropriate information into the node. All of these links go in 1 category. Here is the link directories:

Type 6: Glossary. Each glossary term should be placed as a node within the glossary content type. Here is the link to the glossary:

Type 7: Blogs. Each blog post needs to be posted as a separate node, authored by user 1, in the inbuilt drupal blog post content type.

All header tags and author information should be preserved.

Thanks for looking.

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