Joomla Developer To Fix Editor

Joomla Developer To Fix Editor

We are looking for a Joomla expert developer to fix a editor module that we use within our customized component to send three different email template.

This is the problem describe by our web designer:

We have a problem here (please see screen shot). Text is Ok, but images are stripped (logo, button). Images are visible in templates preview window, but after sending they are missing.
Also, some links are converted to unusable links. E.G. is converted to http://contact-us/, which doesn’t work, of course.
Other than that all info is there, except “Date of First Registration:”, which is empty.
I really don’t know why this happens – template code is 100% good and HTML valid.

I believe this is a quick fix for an experienced Joomla developer.

We need it to be done tomorrow morning!

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