Joomla Template Css Adjusment

Joomla Template Css Adjusment


I have a rather small project that I need help with. I am ready to have someone start today on. It involves CSS and page layout modification in joomla

Here is my current joomla site that is in production

I need to have the home page layout in 3 columns to look like

I need the text to the left then the checkbox form and leave the far right column where it is.

What need to be done is for the columns to be moved around and resized. The checkbox form needs to be wider so that none of the words wrap, please see live site for comparison.

the interiors pages need to be 2 columns: body on the right and leave the current right column as is.

If the entire body needs to be wider then that is fine as well. Up to about 1000px would be fine

also please use the same background that is on the live site on the test site (brushed steel background)

Last, I need all of the current text on the live site to be cut and paste over to the development site. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: There have been changes made to the text and I have also those changes to update to the pages text and some of the check box form questions need to be changed or removed. I will provide you with that information via word or txt docs.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Again I am ready to start right away.



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