Joomla/wordpress Review Site

Joomla/wordpress Review Site
I am wanting to get a few sites built, this and a few others.

First, lets bid this project:

I want to build a review site which I have seen multiple scripts and plugins for Joomla and WordPress etc…

1. I want to build an all around review site on anything. You can use the cms of your choice as long as its not coded.

2. I want the template used to be unique and allow for multiple product reviews and comparisons to show on the front. I want it to rotate 4-5 reviews on the top 5 of any review category on related products.

3. I want all reviewed products to be built on sub domains like

4. Need advertising area in the front on sides and in various areas

5. Want all product pages to be listed in manufacturer, categories, sub categories and page name as product.html


6. When a review is added by an individual, it needs to search the product added to see if its already there before they can add the product, and if already there, it needs to take them to that product for their review. If not there, I need to verify or get email before it gets posted.

I know this is an easy project other than getting the system to use sub domains, but its what I want.

The requirements are must work on:
php4 and php5
fast loading

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