Simple Joomla App

Simple Joomla App

I need a very basic Joomla app for a subdivision. It only needs the following:

home page (article layout where I can add welcome text)
contact us (simple contact us form)
document manager (docman)
links (manageable by an administrator from the front end)
annual dues (manageable by an administrator from the front end)
calendar (manageable by an administrator from the front end)
special blogs (maintained by only 1 person and not editable from the front end by an administrator)

This should no take long at all and is extremely basic. I should be able to take the working app and skin it as I need to with relative ease. I am too swamped right now to complete this app so I am looking for someone who knows joomla and can put this together. Whether you decide to use community builder or not doesn’t matter to me. As long as you’re using standard components and modules and it has everything I listed here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to PMB me. Btw, if you bid above the budget, you’ll be ignored. I’m looking to have this done within 5 days.

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