Joomla Rsevents Form Fix

Joomla Rsevents Form Fix


To complete this project you’ll need an understanding of Joomla, PHP, CSS, and MySQL. If you have experience with RSEvents and RocketThemes then you may be able to fix these issues promptly.

There are 2 known issues with the form that I need fixed and 1 requirement I need added. I can provide you with a working form (with working code for each issue/requirement), a list of files you need to modify to complete the project, user accounts with proper access levels you’ll need to debug the issues, and access to the RSEvents development team (if you need to ask them questions). Here are the issues/requirements:

1) RokChecks and RokRadios aren’t working on the live site (but work in test environment).

URL for test form (and how it should look):
URL for live site form:

2) Event Icon file is properly uploaded and resized – but the name of the file isn’t stored in the database.

3) I would like a confirmation email (with all of the data in the form) sent to the user who submits the form and BCCed to an admin account I specify.

Please refrain from creating your own user accounts (unless you are hired) – Please use these login details for both forms:
Username: TestUser
Password: demo

Please let me know your comfort level with this project and these issues. Feel free to mail me any questions (I wrote this before bed, so it may be unclear). Have a nice day! Happy Bidding!

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