Mortgage Broker Site W Rates 2

Mortgage Broker Site W Rates 2

I need a quote asap for a joomla site. I can do the joomla install with a template if it will save drop the price down to $400.

We have $450 to spend on the following:

A mortgage broker site that gives rate quotes and captures lead info.

first draft were delivered by March 30

Secure Application Forms & Management = YES [i can get the secure server if it will lower cost]

1003 & Pre-Qual Short Form = YES
Loan Software Integration = YES
Import your applications into common software: = YES
Calyx Point? / Fannie May? / Encompass? = YES
Calculators = YES

Standard, Interest Only Payments, Affordability Calculator, 2nd Mortgage, Blended = YES
Interest Rate, & more … = YES
Quick Rates = YES
Lead Capture Forms = YES
Customer Relationship Management Suite = YES [part of this included in joomla]
Rate Alert (Generate Leads) = YES
Customizable Marketing Streams / Pieces (Drip Campaigns) = YES

I prefer to host this, and prefer to work with someone who can remotely connect to my machine to change server settings if possible. If you only need ftp, I can get you ftp, but if you are going to be doing sql then I would prefer you connect to my computer.
It would be great, but not required if the site had a header with revolving pictures of homes with happy families out in the yards – smiling. Client wants a bit of variety of racial mix, and a bit of variety in the home values.

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