Modifications Joomla Jobs Com

Modifications Joomla Jobs Com

Hi guys I have bought the jobs component from this site:

This software allows plugins to be developed.

I require several modifications to this component, please provide a price that includes all these changes:

1. When an job expires I want it to remain active and published. Currently when an advert expires the link turns into a 404 page.
2. I would like the option to include a module position at the top of all the expired jobs.
3.The jobs component has a credit system built in, I want a simple modification which will get the system to send the employer an email telling them when their credits are low and they need to buy more.
4.The current system shows the employer how many hits their job has had, I would also like to show them the search words people used in order to find their job. Almost like a recorded search. As you will see from the component demo link above both the employer and job seeker have separate panels, I’d like the results to show on the employers panel along side the hit counter.
5.When a job is near it’s expiry date I would like the system to send the employer and email telling them so. The current jobs component already has an email function built in for other things but I wish to customise it a little.

By bidding you agree you can deliver the final product as described above.
You agree that I would own full copyright and usage of the files which create the final plugin
You agree that the final plugin is prohibited from being resold.
Quote “apple” in your bid message so I know you have read this briefing. Any bids without this keyword will be ignored.

This is a custom project and results must only be used for my website.

Any questions please let me know.

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