Format Virtuemart Site

Format Virtuemart Site

I need a site that runs virtuemart for Joomla.

I’ve been playing with a few templates (myStorePlazza, JAZeolite, Emerchantilism). I’m not really worried which template but like the general layout of the templates mentioned.

I have already installed Joomla. I have myStorePlazza full package and Emerchantilism but not JAZeolite but can purchase if needed).

What I need:

1) You to format any one of the above on the domain.
2) To input logo (will provide)
3) Add links (home, products, new products, contact us)
4) Add main categories within Virtuemart and link under “products” via a drop-down. Add one sub-category and product for each (so 8 products with picture and description.)
5) Add left module position with main categories along left hand side of page
6) Add main categories with one product under each category. There are 8 main categories.
7) Replace bottom copyright info with site name (in css file).

All content will be easily copied from the client’s supplier website. No copyright worries as it is from their supplier.

*Please do not provide unreasonable quotes. I can do all this myself but am outsourcing to save time only.

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