Joomla E-commerce Fix

Joomla E-commerce Fix

I need a programmer with experience in Joomla.

My website:

These are the tasks:

1. Insert order status module. (No payment option set up yet)
2. Price options. Take a look at this link:

This product at 4oz is $4.99, 8oz $10, 16oz $20. I want the customer to be able to select the 4oz option, or 8oz, or 16oz. The module in place only let the customer select the 8oz or 16 oz. We also need to add the title of the product to that page.

3. Fix the “shop-online store” page.

I want the empty space to the right to display featured products like in the home page.

4. Fix the category page.

When the customer clicks on the product category, the list of items show up but the pictures are missing. I want the picture of each product to display at that empty white space.

This project shouldn’t take more than an hour. If you finish these 4 requirements, there are other small tasks to be done and i will pay you extra. Thank you.

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