Gaming Multi-user Website

Gaming Multi-user Website


We are trying to accomplish a project. When it is done, you could register and use a CMS solution with your own domain. Think about in which you get something like

We already have the CMS solution, based on a custom portal and a phpBB forum.

Which we need is the webpage for registration in which you could enter your own information and then, enjoy your product. We even have the scripts which work to clone the “demo” site and more code. That’s because we only will offer the service localized in Spanish and this product already exists on other language.

If more code and explanation were needed, we could try to provide it from the original service from which we are partners.

We thought to use Joomla as the platform to register just because it’s open source, we know how to work with it and also it provides some great options to show news, have community and such kind of things. However, if you have another idea of what to use (even a custom CMS) it shouldn’t be a problem for us.

The service will run in Linux (Debian) with MyDNS to stablish the DNS and have custom urls on the fly.

In short, the developer must have PHP, MySQL and Linux skills.

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