Psd 2 Cms With Rewiew/rating

Psd 2 Cms With Rewiew/rating in CMS

1. Check the “hover buttons”
2. Check the sub-buttons (per categorie other sub-buttons)
3. On top rightside: html code/wysiwyg for differtent advertising options
4. On the rightside: 2 blocks with code/wysiwyg for different advertising
5. On the rightside: 1 block with code/wysiwyg
6. Ranking internetsites (datingsites)
> upload image of the (dating)site
> fill the different fields for each site
> rank the site with stars if possible (check under each site-image, if not…fake this:-)
> read reviews of each site
> possibility to review a site

I want to chat/skype about the special details of the project.
I prefer or WordPress for good SEO!

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