Joomla Website-module2

Joomla Website-module2

Create a custom extension for Joomla website built in Module 1. This is a “for landlords only” section:

Create a system for landlords (owners) to log in to their own private folder on the site to access reports on their own rental properties. Owners can see info only their own properties, not anyone else’s.

The owners folders should be on a SSL if that is possible. I will provide SSL certificate and IP for this section. If we can’t put just the owners section in SSL, then we will have to put the whole site in https.

Create a “home” page for each owner’s folder. Home page should contain links to reports pages: “rental log”, “tenant information page”, “financial recap page”, “feedback form”, and “rental calendar”. Integrate data from reports from separate property management software program into “financial recap”,”tenant information” and “rental log” pages. (Information on integration to be supplied once project is in progress.)

Set up an admin page for extension so that site admin can add additional owners folders via the Joomla admin panel. Admin should be able to assign a login and password to each private folder. Landlords’ names and email addresses should be in a separate table so that newsletter extension added in Module 1 can be used to send monthly updates to landlords only.

Admin should be able to add more pages to the owners’ folders in the future–i.e., article pages, monthly updates, etc.

See attached proposed site design layout for how landlord section integrates into full website.

Please bid on Module 1 and Module 2 –I would prefer to work with the same person on both. Project is broken into two parts so you can get paid incrementally.

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