Adult Webcam Site – Joomla 1.5

Adult Webcam Site – Joomla 1.5

Hi there,

This is JUST a general costing query, so for now all I need is an idea of how much this work would cost.

Adult webcam site wanted similar to or

Must have all the user/model/admin/payment facilities these sites have.

I’m looking for a hybrid of the two sites, but with added search functionality and larger view screen. The site also needs to load quickly and be responsive to users.

I have two options in mind for this work. Either:

1. Its built and I run it or,
2. Ideally I would love a web programmer / web master / business partner to help manage the technical elements of the site. I’m a marketer by trade, so I can handle the business, sales and advertising side of the business.

If the second option does not interest you, and for me to run the site alone I could do with it being built or adapted to Joomla 1.5 if possible. If that is not possible, then I’m open to your recommendations.

As to be expected, I will want full ownership of the work, unless you come in as a business partner, where it would be a straight 50/50.

If you have something already built that’s similar, that’s Ok, as long as any amendments I need can be made.

If you like the idea of being a business partner, then I would really need you to be UK based for ease of communication. You overseas guys and gals are brilliant, but life is a lot easier if I can talk to you when I need to.

All quotes should be reasonable as money is in short supply right now, so I repeat that this is just a costing exercise.

There is a huge revenue stream available from this business, and as of yet the market is still fairly open. I’m looking to position a site that is easy to use, and profitable to all involved.

The site will also be cloned for other niches down the line, so I really would like to build a strong long term business relationship with someone.

I also have plans for a range of other non-adult sites, so I repeat the desire to have UK based web geniuses, as it will make life simpler.

If I’m asking too much, or if any part of this is confusing please let me know.

Thanks in advance, Baz.

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