Classified Ads Website

Classified Ads Website

The aim of this project is to make a classified ads website built in joomla. Below I state the keyfeatures of the project. Winning bid will get everything in full detail.

Keyfeatures of the project:

1) Users must be able to post their classified ad for free

2) There should be 3 types of classifieds: text, photo, video

3) All visitors should be able to view all kind of classifieds, but with no contact details of the submitter. Contact details should be revealed after a unique code is inserted into the system.

4) How somebody gets the code? With an sms. You have nothing to make about sms sending. The sms would be sent by a telecommunications company. The user that gets the code in his mobile phone inserts the code into the system and all classifieds’ contact details are revealed for a limited amount of time.

5) Administrator should be able to make different groups of codes with different time limits. Ex. Somebody inserts the code into the system. After this code is inserted for the 1st time it should expire after 24 hours(this can be 2 days, 5 days, or anything). Admin should be able to group those limits.

6) Two types of classifieds. Normal classifieds and classifieds about indebted products. I will explain in full detail to the winning bid.

7) A user can put his classified in featured classifieds by paying a small fee. So the user should be able to pay us online. Payment gateway for bank and paypal.

8) A flash map should be created. Not something difficult for a flash expert.

9) I need extended use of ajax and the website must have a web 2.0 feeling.

10) Everything should be controlled easily through the admin section. The admin section must also provide full reports about the website ex. total classifieds number and users’ statistcs.

Please bid only if you have extended joomla experience. High quality should be delivered in the least possible time limit.

Two things I will not tolerate and cancel the project. 1st) Exceed time limit (so please calculate your time wisely before bidding) and 2nd) Bad communication skills. If ask you something via email I demand an answer back.

If I am pleased of the work done then surely more projects to come. I am in need of a good programmer for longer time cooperation.

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