Programming Project 1271148210

Programming Project 1271148210
Hi, I run a music website and I am looking for a modules or anything really that I can display anywhere I want it too. It’ll most likely be used on an article page.

I am looking for a module which can show a ranking system of the most viewed songs. I have included an attachment which shows basically what I need it to look like or similar. It must match the theme of my site which I can provide if you want. This feature should show how many positions the song has moved.

Also this feature must include a novelty hit count, for example, it will only show songs that had the most hits over the last 24 hrs.

The categories and song titles must be linkable.

Also I would like this module to include options so that it is easy for me in the future to adjust the settings. Options should include… how many songs I would like to show on the chart, what sections I would like it to show only, and the novelty date of the songs hit count.

I would like to be automatically fit into my page or maybe have an option where I can insert the size I would like it to be.

I would like to also have a feature which has a “view more top 100” list kind of thing, and that must also be linked to a page of my want. It must show those headings in the attachment i have included.

in the attachment, it has a “play” icon which I don’t need. Looking forward to your affordable bids! This is for a joomla site

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