Quick Joomla Page Corrections

Quick Joomla Page Corrections
I have a few quick changes that need to be made to the following page:


This is of course built on a Joomla platform.

here is what I need done:

1. Remove the “Marketing News for…” box that is on the right.
2. Center the page content.
3. Place a graphic behind the web-form at the bottom of the page.
4. Change the submit button image.
5. Change the font color of the form.
6. Have the 5 logo images that are on the page link to a shadow box pop-up that will display a pdf or other format. This MUST be easily managed from the backend of Joomla (no HTML or other direct coding please. If plugin is required, then we can install).

Graphics will be provided in any format requested (pdf, jpg, png, etc).



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