Enable A New Feature In Login

Enable A New Feature In Login
This is the current situation:

We sell usenet subscriptions, when they select 1 of the 5 packages and buy it, the customer receives the login details by mail for the website and also for the subscription. A PERL script does this automatic which a previous programmer fixed for us.

When a client logs in the Joomla website they have a few options, like submitting tickets and viewing the FAQ page.

We want the following:

The PERL script has some options which need to be enabled;
* Renew their package
* Upgrade their package
* Change password

In the login area this should be availlable to them. The renew, upgrade, change etc. should only be available to them after loggin in. You would just need to make a few new buttons.

We already had a programmer working for us but he suddenly stopped communicating.

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