Audio Site

Audio Site
I’m willing to pay $130-180 for this work. It must be done in 14 days or less. The client is going to provide the design. It will be made in drupal or joomla.

THE COMPANY is a music based platform that will allow users to stream music for free via our custom flash Player. The website will have an API connection to YouTube but will only play the audio and not display the video. THE Player will be located on the footer of the page as users scroll up and down and even click on hyperlinks throughout the website and external pages (web), the audio will continue to play. To clarify the music at any time will not stop playing unless the user prompts it to by clicking the x icon or the stop button.

Users will be able to create an account with the use of api’s such as (remove the ZZZZZ) where they can login with their Facebook, Google, etc. Once logged in they will be able to create playlists for the audio player. They will have the ability to manage the playlists they have created; and be able to share their playlist with their friends via a similar open source code that allows them to share with facebook, mysapce, twitter and other social networks.
The audio player which is located at the footer of the page should show the title of the audio playing and also an image. When songs are added they will be shown in a menu where the user will have the ability to change the order which they play. Dragging the track out will remove it from the playlist. There will be four buttons;
Now Playing – when this button is clicked the current list of songs playing will be revealed
Search – Will bring a search box within the player where users can add songs to their current list.
My Playlists – will display the users playlists which they have saved in their account
More – will include help which will hyperlink to the help section of our website. Share. Embed which will be a html that will allow users to add their player to their website or blog.

If the user is not logged in the My Playlist button should be substituted for login.

There should be a Google search box on the home page so the user can exit the site with the player still at the footer of the page and browse the web with our THE COMPANY audio player. Also there will be regular audio advertisements playing in intervals i.e. every other third song.

As the player will initially be stream lined on the footer of the window, there should be a very visible ‘maximum’ tab/lever on the top right to initiate a functionality of reviewing an initial playlist of featured artists and albums etc.

A general reference to the functionality and design of our audio player will be suggested once a bid has been placed with an initial quote and estimated time frame of the project.

With regards to the site we’d like to express our standards and expectations as we are excited to introduce this concept of browsing the web with our automated audio player at hand. Being able to search and stream music from the web directly through our audio player, we believe users will take a positive outlook to this as it has not yet been apparent.

We do admire the functionality of the audio player on sky songs ( (remove the CCCCCC) as it is creative, streamlined and will be perfectly fitted at the footer of the page. As for the site it must be aesthetically pleasing but modern and stylish layout containing some rich and vibrant graphics, lightly peppered with some subtle Flash animated elements.

The site will obviously need to be installed and set up on their server.

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