Joomla Registration Work

Joomla Registration Work
I’m willing to pay $110-160 for this work

My client has a Joomla site that will replace a local in-house payment system for an childrens american football league, to NFL not soccer. They need to track players, cheerleaders, and coaches.. The new Joomla system will have the following features.

Online player registration using an online forms and will integrate with Virtuemart for the purchase of registrations, pads and equipment.

They have existing user database is in MS Access and will need to be imported from an Access to MySQL. The forms flow will need to be created based on the following flowchart. The Virtuemart payment modules will accept Paypal and We also need to create several custom payment reports that would pull from MySQL. We will have a Scholarship option that will use a standard virtuemart coupon code. The admin will create the coupon codes for the scholarship requests that are specific only to the registrations not the pads or equipment. The admin will also flag users that did not return pads and equipment from the previous season. Any player that does not return the pads will be manually flagged by the admins and prevent the player from registration without paying the fee for the unreturned equipment.

A player will be able to edit certain details, and see payment history.

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