B2b Marketplace For Mobile P

B2b Marketplace For Mobile P
Wholesale Dynamic Vertical Marketplace for Mobile Phones

Basic Idea: Wireless Wholesale Mega B2B Dynamic Marketplace, we focus on the buying, selling and trade of mobile phones and accessories, the target is buyers of bulk mobile phones, vendors posting wholesale lots of mobile phones will be pre-approved by us, we would like the ability to post descriptions, videos and pictures of the items.

Level Gold sellers will be able to post utilize the complete set of tools of video, pics. (Example www.eolauctions.com) under private auction section
Level Silver sellers will be able to post only the offer in the Open Marketplace (Example www.wirelessdealers.net) Under Dealers market section
Level Bronze sellers will be able to post in a C2C (Consumer to Consumer) Craigslist type offering. Single phones
Section for the recycling of old mobile phones, customer logs in and give a description of there phone, we then make an offer to buy.
Ability to sign up other brokers to feature there offerings, we determine a broker fee for placement.
Brokers Blog to discuss ideas about mobile phones

We like the clean Magento/Joomla type design, easy to navigate, sections for advertising, tech but clean,section for ad words and phone info.

The admin dashboard section has to be super easy, we are not web designers. Ability to change products.

I would like to see portfolios and previous similar sites you have designed.

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