Urg Joomla Registration Comp

Urg Joomla Registration Comp
We need a component which extends the default Joomla registration. It includes a 20 question survey and an input form. Each survey question has 4 possible answers (radio buttons) and there is a score associated with each answer. The scores are totalled and only those that score above a certain amount will be allowed through to the next step of the registration. Next step is an input form of 11 questions, followed by username password entry and e-mail activation.

We have already implemented everything here at www.link192.me.uk but we want to rewrite it now as a component. Click the login button, then register to see the functionality that we need to replicate.
There is flexibility in the layout of both survey and input forms. All questions are required in the survey and questions 1,2,3,4 7 and 8 are required in the second form.

We will be modifying the Joomla installation at www.losetheblues.ie which has a clean latest installation of Joomla newly installed.

Please be available on skype or IM for discussions.
We can supply login details upon acceptance of task.

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