Display Errors Joomla Website

Display Errors Joomla Website
Hello, I have some problems on this website when use IE to navigate it, most of this doesn’t happen when using Firefox. The site is based on joomla

1-As you position the cursor in the main menu an error mark in the status bar, seems to be a problem with the menu module, you can change the module keeping the appearance.
2-On IE 8 search box is misplaced, and modules are mixed up
3- some of errors on 2. doesn´t happen in compatibility mode, but
but the gallery fails (error on page)
4- after password change process, It messes up the user entry form and other modules positions (both in mozilla as in explorer).
5-when entering the wrong password there is no apearance change, do it more friendly.
6-When registering a new user we need to display a message please check your e-mail to continue the registration process (nothing comes out so people can not activate the account.)
7-Add an option to logout visible so users can exit safely.

It should display the same way both on IE and Firefox

thanks, please check

http://www. c n p-c o l o m b i a.org

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