Flash Cms Photography Website

Flash Cms Photography Website

Ok My client is After a CMS based Photography site That has some great features that a photography site should have. (see all Details in attached PDF)

What i was thinking was to have a FLASH CMS based Photography site as i need it to be fresh, very smooth and QUALITY IS A MUST!

My Client might want to supply the Graphic’s , Layout as they are a graphic designer so having something built so template change should be easy to do.

Also I need time frame

You can also suggest to build it with HTML PHP with Flash Incorporated if that’s better or something like joomla but at the end of the day I want QUALITY WORK! GREAT LOOKING Photography site with Blog section,
Client login to view their images,
Lightbox for images,

and Some other things that are listed in the PDF attached.

Some of the sites in the PDF are not great looking and pretty poor but its just an example of the functionality.

Thank You!!

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