Joomla Social Media Profile

Joomla Social Media Profile
Wondering If you could Create this same Functionality with Joomla Jomsocial…….

I know that LinkedIn as widgets. Attached is a screen capture of a site (Batchbook) that uses the widget. I enter the person’s LinkedIn Personal URL and the basic information from profile is returned (see image below). Here is the link to LinkedIn’s Developer page regarding the widgets.

I would also like Twitter integration on their profile as well. I know that Twitter has gadgets available as well.

I would like a very simple profile page for people on Rizers. I am not interested in collecting a lot of data, or worse, having them enter a lot of information at yet another social networking site. I strongly encourage people to keep their LinkedIn profile current and complete so there is no need to duplicate any information on Rizers.

Instead, I would like to see a profile consist of:
• First Name (option to keep it private)
• Last Name (option to keep it private)
• Nickname (Name they would like to use on the site)
• Email
• City
• Country
• Twitter ID
• LinkedIn URL
• Photo (use their photo from Twitter or LinkedIn if they do not upload one to override it. The Batchbook site linked above uses the Twitter photo this way)
Don’t need much else. I definitely don’t want gender, interests, birthday, about me, or education.

When you view a person’s profile you would see their Name (optional), Nickname, photo, LinkedIn Profile and their last 3 – 5 Tweets.

I want to basically have something in each persons profile that after they enter their linkedin and twitter url, it shows a widget kinda like the image I attached.

Like I said before batchbook has this functionality so I know its possible.

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