Create 8 Web Forms In Joomla

Create 8 Web Forms In Joomla
I need to create 7-8 web forms in a joomla website. The information from the forms needs to be collected to a database. These forms need to be completed in full before the user can hit submit, they must complete all of them. After completion, the forms need to be emailed to both the webmaster/designated person and the person who filled out the forms.

The completed forms have to be emailed in a pdf format and look just like the original forms (which i have samples of). In other words, the captured data needs to be mapped to the same fields in the pdf forms and emailed in this format to the client so they can print them out and keep on file.

There are a few repetitive fields in the forms such as name, address etc,. and would like to reduce repetitiveness by having those fields autopopulate to each of the forms in their appropriate place.

I need this done in less than a week, I am really behind on this project and cannot wait so please state a realistic time to complete this.

Please contact me should you neeed more information.

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