Joomla & Reservation System

Joomla & Reservation System
I need a site similar to to be built. From this site though I only need a similar reservation system that is on the front left of the page. Only “outdoor parking” is necessary, “indoor parking” does not apply.

I need it to be built so that visitors can pay online for their reservation. (So payment systems need to be implemented)

I need complete control of the site, so maybe Joomla would be best as I am familiar with this CMS. Other suggestions though more than welcome.

I have an idea of the design of the site. I will provide all text, images and content.

A detailed enquiry booking will also be needed in case visitors do not want to pay online but just want to send us their reservation by e-mail. We will then phone them to discuss a method of payment.

Finally, i would like it that visitors have the option to upload certain products/services on a section of the site – to start with cars and properties. Like a classified ads component/module. They will have to pay for this service.

I would like the bidder to speak a good level of English and to send me some examples of their sites with similar reservation systems implemented.


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