Cool Joomla Site Border Design

Cool Joomla Site Border Design
I built a very custom Joomla website for one of my clients on a custom hacked Joomla system I created with other developers. But the border and navigation links on the site is just to plain and boring. I asked for that, but as a suprise to my client I want to jazz it up alot more.

– Width of the website (web pages) I don’t want changed at all!
– each image and text header on each pages won’t change at all!
– Background stays a white background like it is now outside the content of each page.
– Footer stays in the same place at bottom of the page off the main content of each page.
– Navigation links MUST stay text links for SEO reasons, but graphics/colors can be created on or around them to jazz them up some.

I just need some kind of cool graphic designed border/trim that flows with the rest of the colors, concept and copywriting of the website.

You can play with maybe changing the curve graphic that’s at the top of each page.

Pay is $50.00

Before I select anyone I will need a quick demo submitted to me and best design concept gets the bid. Just take the home page and create the border and navigation concept on that page. Then send me a link or screenshot, shouldn’t take very long.

Want this done in next 24 hours and you MUST have Skype to talk on the phone with and email address given to me.

Looking at long term Joomla skin designer for all of my websites using this system I developed that will pay $100-$125 per skin per website. If you look at that site I do everything INCLUDING giving every image to the designer. Designer only takes my pics and creates header for each page, sets up links on website, navigation link and sets up one time footer and uses my already built html site map, article directory, glossary and faq that will be the same system on every website I build.


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