File Conversion Joomla Site

File Conversion Joomla Site
I’m in need of someone to make a joomla file conversion site. I’m willing to pay $150-250 for the site. It must be done in less then 3 weeks It’s mostly just programming and you will need to chop up the psds. You can use plugins and what not as much as you want.

This project is for the development of a new File Conversion site that will allow users to convert different media files through the web based conversion service, similar to Zam(remove_this)
A graphic designer will be handling the majority of the cosmetic design for the homepage / inner pages, so all bidders should submit bids for the Programming / Coding work ONLY for the development of this website. While the majority of the design work will be handled by a graphic designer, the winning bidder will be responsible for some light design work. Note the designs will be done in 7-10 days. So you’ll have to do work outside of that until then.
Key Features that need to be implemented:
1. File Conversion Types – The website will need to be able to convert all the files types from http://www.zam(remove_this) … EXCEPT FOR CAD FILES. The web based conversion process should work just as it does on that site, allowing users to convert files for free by uploading files and downloading videos by inserting the URL.

2. Premium Members Section – The website will need a Premium Members Section (similar to Zam(remove_this)zar) that allows users to create paid accounts that offer additional conversion services including faster conversions, online storage for managing conversions, etc. Users also need to have the ability to make changes to their account information, change their password / email, etc.

3. Automatic Email Notifications – We need automatic email notifications to be sent out every time a customer signs up for the first time, makes certain changes to their account, monthly subscription payment is due, etc. In addition, when someone fills out the Contact Us form or a new user signs up, we need an automatic email notification sent to our administrator email account.

4. Merchant Account Integration – When users sign up for a premium subscription plan, the web developer must be able to integrate our Merchant Account to process the payments (we will be using PayPal).

5. Backend Administration – As site administrators, we need the developer to create a simple to use back end that allows us to manage customer accounts including:
– View Customers’ accounts / account activity / payment activity
– Suspend / Delete / Create Customer Accounts
– View Conversion History / Remove illegal files
– Conversion Statistics reporting the total # of conversions

6. Progress Bar – When users are uploading files on either the Free or Premium sections of the site, we want a progress bar implemented that shows the progress of the conversion.

The website will consist of the following pages:
Sign Up
Contact Us
About Us
Account Login / Admin for Customers
As mentioned before, the majority of the design work for the home page and inner pages will be handled by our graphic designer and this project is primarily for the programming / development of the site.

You will be responsible for putting the site on the server and installing it and what not.

Additional information submitted:
02/17/2010 at 16:27 EST:
Additonally different members will have a storage plan.

Free Users –

Maximum File Size = 200MB

Ads and Popups

Lowest Conversion Priority

Only Convert / DL 1 file at a time

20 Second Wait to Download after file has been converted

Basic Plan –

1GB Storage Space (allow users to store/share/delete previously converted files with customer admin section once logged in)

Faster Download Speeds (Priority over Free users)
No Download Wait time (20 second wait for Free users)
Resume Broken Downloads
No PopUps, but will have Static Ads
Convert / Download up to 10 files at once

Maximum File Size = 500MB
File Conversion Progress Bar
Share converted files with friends through Social Networking / email links (Similar to Addthis)

Pro Plan –

5GB Storage Space (allow users to store/share/delete previously converted files)

Faster Download Speeds (Priority over Free and Basic users)
No Download Wait time (20 second wait for Free users)
Resume Broken Downloads
No Ads or Popups
Convert / Download up to 15 files at once

Maximum File Size = 1GB
Secure Conversion over SSL
File Conversion Progress Bar
Share converted files with friends through Social Networking / email links (Similar to Add (removethis)

The work will be done on my server then put on the client’s server after the work is done. I need it done on my server for 3 reasons: I can’t show the work to my client if it’s on some other companies url, 2 I want to be able to see the work you have done. Too many times programmers have told me “I can’t show you any work because it’s on my local server”. Some tell the truth, but other’s lie and just haven’t done any work,
3 I’ve had client’s steal my work and not pay money. A lot times this happens when programmers don’t do enough browers and site funtionality testing. So anyway having it done on my server eliminates the chance of them stealing the work. If they want the work they have to pay me and you.
Also if you agree to this project you are agreeing to give me daily updates (excluding Sunday). If I don’t get daily updates I’m cancelling the project.
I live with mentality that I’d rather work with a programmer who has a lot issues and runs into a lot issues but communicates these issues with me, then a programmer who can get all the work done, but only emails me every 3 days.
All people who accept the project will do all the installation on my server and the client’s server when the work is done.

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