Configure Googlemap Api

Configure Googlemap Api
Need someone to help us set up our GoogleMap API. Our site is built with Joomla 1.5 and you may use a Joomla plugin to accomplish this. The map will show the route of our historic flight across the United States so it will not follow driving directions, but rather a series of straight lines. When zooming in, each city center will show markers of our local sponsors to include their logo, address and two links – one to their website and one to ours.

Here’s a summary of what we need from you:

1. Map 135 city centers and draw a line to each one (according to our route). We can provide lat/longs for each one or you can map to city center.

2. Set up the local city sponsor markers, and teach me how to add more. Each markeer will show logo, address, and two web links.

3. Provide valid code for me to install a broad view of the entire U.S., showing the route. I will install this map on the top of my website’s homepage.

We are a small grassroots project to inspire the world to dream again, so our budget is very limited. Please be kind. Will also be happy to provide publicity in exchange for your work if you are intersted. We have several of the worlds largest pilot’s organizations behind this project and our realistic goal is to reach 20 million people through our intitial media coverage. We see this as the people’s project not just ours so let us know how we can help you too.

To learn more about our mission visit

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