Joomla Membership+video Plugin

Joomla Membership+video Plugin
I would like to add a membership extension to my current Joomla site:

This membership login will only be accessible from a subdomain that will also need to be created.

This membership section of the site needs to have:

1. A login page (main page on the subdomain).
2. A homepage after they have logged in. This home page will feature a video playlist, with a main video and a thumbnails with titles below.

some suggested video playlists:

All Videos Reloaded:



3. A main menu with submenu’s will need to be added as a sidebar to the main page.

4. The navigation menu in #3 will need to be available on all the pages.

5. This MUST be formatted in the backend so I will have easy admin access to change the content.

This can be created using the current template that is on our Joomla site:

This should really be a quick job to do. I do not require additional graphics for this project so its straight forward programming.


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