Joomla Plugin Modification

Joomla Plugin Modification
Our client needs the following:

The Imperial Consulting Network needs to add functionality to the slideshow on the front page at

The 7 ‘icons’ at the bottom of the slideshow need to scrolls slowly from right to left, at a speed that emulates the feel of a stock market ticker. They must loop, so as on scrolls past the left border, it appears again from the right.

The movement should stop when the cursor is moved over an icon, and resume again when the cursors is moved off the icon area.

This slideshow is based on a javascript joomla plugin called Front Page Slideshow ( ). You will be customizing the module to add the scrolling functionality described above. The flexibility of the module must be maintained, I.E. the back end functionality of FPSS must remain unchanged.

We are a small software development company that would like to find a joomla and javascript professional to work with on this project. Attention to detail and communication are key to working with our firm. We will need this project completed by 3/17/10.

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