Twitter Api Integration Clone

Twitter Api Integration Clone
I’m going to launch a website that pulls in tweets that are subject specific. It will be designed the same way is designed (check out for an example). On, users go to the site because they like to view all tweets relevant to their stock(s) aggregated on one site. This site and my site will do exactly that. It’s community-driven.

What I need:

(please reference the website to understand what I am talking about)

1. Those interested in using the site and having their tweets show up on the site’s live feed will have to login into with their twitter username and password. Example: Once a user provides that information (and with their permission), their tweets can show up on the website if they post from their regular twitter account or from a texting platform (cellphone).

2. When the user is on their own twitter account and they want something to show up on the website, they place the following designator, “$ $ ” at the beginning or end of their tweet. That way not everything they tweet shows up on the feed – only relevant material. Also ticker symbol with “$” infront of it (ex. $BAC) should be pulled into the stream as well.

3. The tweet stream on the site must update in realtime (or as close to realtime as possible) as shown on There must also be an entry bar where people can post straight onto the site as allows.

4. The functionality must be almost identical to where the user’s name, picture, the date and time of each tweet are displayed on the stream. Further, by clicking the name of the tweeter you can see all that person’s tweets aggregated as well. You can then “follow” them if you’d like and even see a small profile of them.

5. I need to have some kind of back end access to monitor the signups and tweets to delete users that are spamming or violating posting policies.

6. The construction should be scalable enough to replicate the same exact model for several sub-categories just as which we can do at a later date.

NB! Only experienced people should bid for the project. Also you must have previous experience with twitter API and be able show previous work.

This is only the first in a series of many projects related to this site. There will be plenty of more work in the immediate future.

Also bid only if you are able to fit in the budget!

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