Joomla Support Script

Joomla Support Script
Totally we need 20 hours to implement the below tasks. will send you the cost for 20 man hours.
Will start the work,once you did the half of the payment.

Client comment:
I need the ability to open knowledge-base , articles and downloads, in another window. I also need each knowledbase item , article , download to have a url link so I can paste it into a ticket response? Does that make sense?

Response : Time-line for this task 4 hours

To integrate the above changes on the ticker response section, we need the extra time-line.
For the above task we will add the Copy URL button, on the admin download listing and knowledge-base and article listing page.

When click the button you can copy the corresponding link, after that you can paste this link to the ticket response.

Please refer the attached knowledgebase_copyurl.jpg, downloadlist_copy_url.jpg screen shots.

Below tasks : Time-line – 10 hours

Add a button to the right of customer id. The button should say Customer, this button would call this pagehttp://start asmallbiz. com/administrator/components/com_support//admin/users_list.php

Give me the ability to choose a customer and have it put it into the field

We will need to also add a search box to the Customer list so it easier to find a customer.

My Comments: Is there table we are populating in support db for customers? Can we add just fields on the support side that ties into joomla registration?

Fix and create installation of script to work in joomla. Make sure it works in current templates

See picture. Can we add another field for customer record. Add a field for “Customer Name” and add a field for “Phone Number”.

Client Request :
Add the mark knowledge-base,articles or downloads as internal only.

So these items would not be visible to customers/users but available to support side.

So search would not include these items for reg users just support.

Please show this field in the list for kb’s, articles,downloads

•We need ” 6 hours ” to implement the above task
•Will provide you the option to mention internal only
•Will include this in knowledge-base,downloads,announcements,
•A new check-box will be added to it…If checked that particular knowledge-base or announcement or downloads will be visible only for support side alone
•The same will be available in edit pages of the same (only in administrator end)
•The internal items wont be included in listing for customer.
•The internal items will be displayed to admin , with the word internal to notify the administrator.

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