Seo For Kids

Seo For Kids
i have a job website. I do not want any top rankings on google, yahoo etc.
What i want is when you type my website name in Google, yahoo, bing etc on any search engine, you get more than 10000 search results. I already have 5000. I want another 5000 results from somewhere.
Submit the site to any directory, make whatever bookmarks, post on blogs, make separate free blogs if needed and get thoses listings above 10000.

And yes you can uses whatever software for marketing link submission etc you want. There is nothing to be done inside the website. everything can be done from outside so that makes it very easy for those who don’t like enought coding and language structures.

Max budget is 10$ though i know that its less but I will increase the payments if you complete the work successfully for the next subsequent 20000 and 50000 results in searc engine.

quick reviews for novice programmars.

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