Laser Tag Reservation Joomla15

Laser Tag Reservation Joomla15
I have a mobile laser tag business and need to have an online reservation system that can take a deposit from the customer. This system should capture the customer information, lock out the time required for the event and record credit card information in an encrypted section of the database. It also must support an SSL connection when taking the credit card info at minimum.

1. Required customer information:
Customer Name
Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
Primary Phone
Secondary Phone
Location of Party (Repeat address fields. Checkbox if same)
Option for Person or Group event
If person: First/Last Name, Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
If Group: Name of organization
2. Select time for event
– Show calendar and available time slots
– Slots must be configurable to allow double booking as an option on backend.
– If a slot overlaps another available slot, both slots get blocked out.
3. Show add-on/upsell items that can be added to the order (t-shirts, etc)
4. Take credit card deposit (Encrypted)
– Capture credit card info
– Name on card
– Card number
– Exp Date
– CVV Code
5. Generate email to customer notifying of the details of the reservation and that it is currently an estimate waiting for approval.

1. Must be able to make a reservation through the back-end for customers that call into the company. Similar interface as front end.
2. Must be able to configure the time slots in different lengths and different start times. (ie. 2-hour party that can start every 30 minutes. 4-hour party that can start every hour. If a 2-hour is booked, it should block out the 4-hour party and any overlapping other party that could start within)
3. Must be able to assign the party staff working the parties. (Backend has a way of adding the staff names and drop down selection for each party).
4. Section to add notes that a customer may call in and add per party.
5. Support different pricing for the different event types.
6. Support add-ons (t-shirts, etc) that doesn’t require a schedule but can be attached to an order. Configure images, description and price
7. Display/Review credit card information and support to delete/overwrite data in database once CC deposit has been taken.
8. Close/open/refund event options status
9. Each event has a unique order number
10. Support different tax rates and create invoices / receipts to customers and for business.

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