Joomla / Oath/ Twitter Project

Joomla / Oath/ Twitter Project
On the site you will see a joomla driven site. It also has a login area on the left and down a bit that allows people to login using twitter. The problem is, this is not linked up to the system properly.

Here is the delima. The link with Oauth is already setup between our site and twitter, the problem is, we need the user account to be created inside the joomla database for the user account on this site inside jomsocial (the extension in joomla that drives the site).

Oauth gets the persons twitter info, like account name, bio, profile pic, etc. What we need is for this information to be taken, and brought back to our site and create an account for them with it.

We also need to add an email to the account, so if Oauth can pull that info from twitter, then that would be good, but if it cannot, you will need to allow that functionality once the person gets back to after verifying their information, it will popup asking to enter a name and email and link that up to our phplist mail client. I have the code you can use to do that in another system I have.

If you can manage this project well, there will be additional work for you.


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