Closet Builder In Php Js

Closet Builder In Php Js
This is for a client and there is about 70% change that the project will go through.

I would like a script that help site visitors create closets, customize them, save, modify and buy online. Administrators can access those designs, print, copy or modify them.
PHP with JS preferred but I’m ok with a good Flash as well as long as we can customize all the parameters with PHP/MySQL.

Functionalities here (a good example of what I need done):

All parameters will be managed through a MySQL database. The backend can be very basic but we need flexibility.

Each element will have limits (min and max dimensions, etc) and criterias (color, texture, price or price/cm or price/cm2)

Payment system is NOT included in this project. The output should be a list of all elements with dimensions, images of the sides/top/front/each panel, user information and total price. XML is fine. Data will also be saved in database. PDF generation of the detailed quote.
That output will be used to generate invoice and purchase order. It can also be saved and modified.

All images need to be free of right or purchased.

If you can make it a lot different, or maybe better than the example I gave you that’s even nicer.

Make it a Joomla component if you can 🙂

I understand the specs are not very precise, give me a range if you have doubts. I will not pick the cheapest bidder. Serious bids only.please.

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