Joomla Restuarant Review Redon

Joomla Restuarant Review Redon
2. Restaurant review section. Currently all restaurants are in one big table. The page should be elegant. It should allow users to select their city and then have the restaurants selectable there. Restaurants need to be organized by, cuisine, price, area and rating by selecting the top of the table header sections. Also restaurant owners should be able to claim there restaurant. By going to the restaurant page and selecting this is my restaurant. This should allow them to add menu, specials and coupons for site visitors.

The restaurant section has a list of Restaurants in categories. These restaurants are reviews submitted by users from their profile page. I need these page redesigned to look good. I need the restaurant page to have a map like the front page. Users should be able to select their city and see all the restaurants in a list as shown below. Each of these city restaurant pages should have these two categories.

Our favorites
User favorite

Other users should be able to add to reviews(comment), add pictures, on the restaurants actual page. Such as

there should also be an area on the page the city restaurant page as fallowed

best steak
best restaurant
most romantic

when you add a restaurant to the page you will see which catagorys to have because it ask if they are the best of….

Also when adding events, restaurants, and attractions it is a little unclear, when you are typing in the information of, what to type in for the address. Which ever bar feeds the google map should say address and then the one that categorizes them into the table should say area. For Example the State is California, The City is San Diego, and the area is Delmar. I wish I could give you an example for your country because I really hope you get the point.

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