Upgrade Joomla Site+mod

Upgrade Joomla Site+mod
I currently have a joomla site, http://www.samschool.org/, running Joomla 1.0.12 Stable. I would like you to upgrade the site (while keeping it live and functional) to the most current version so that we can be more secure. We have some mods already installed that likely need to be upgraded as well. I am more of an HTML and CSS designer, not a programmer, so I do not trust myself to fix the site if it breaks (if I attempted to do this work myself).

It is not a very big site (less than 50 pages is my guess), and there are less than 20 registered users/admins/editors.

I also need you to install a module that will allow our registered users to comment on certain selected pages within one section of the site (http://www.samschool.org/community-news/). Once you install the module (maybe Jom Comment?), I will need you to walk me through:
– how to turn on comments on a given page in this “community-news” section
– how to get comments routed to an admin or editor (via email) for approval
– how to turn off comment approval for registered users if we want to do that

I also would like to know how to have publishers notified via email to approve changes when an editor or author has submitted changes or added a page.

This work may not happen immediately, but likely within the next two weeks. I need to give my client (a non-profit private school) a quote first before they will approve the work to be done.

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