Sobi2 – Jomres – Ambra -payp 2

Sobi2 – Jomres – Ambra -payp 2
Have installed SOBI2 and am looking to use it as follows:

My site will have a subscription button (custom thumbnail) that leads through to PayPal to create a monthly recurring subscription.

While setting up the PayPal sub, the following needs to happen automatically for the incoming user:

1. a query to Joomla to create Credentials
2. a query to SOBI2 to create a default listing for the new user, which is linked to the Joomla Credentials.

Then the payment confirmation email (auto return) should come through with the new Credentials and the link for the new user to end up at the login page to go directly to editing only their new listing (Author access?)

No free listings are offered and only one payment option is required.


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