Split Counties Into Territorys

Split Counties Into Territorys

This is a job for someone who understand excel and, more importantly, someone who can work a calculator. I have a list of counties in america, split by zip code. Population is listed with zip code. Currently, they’re grouped in numerical order by zip. I need it first rearranged to be grouped by county.

For example:

Look at line 6, 12, 25, 41, 50, 57 and 65. Each one of those lines is Blount County. Since each county is its own territory, blount county should be on ONE line and then each zip code in blount county should be next to it (or individually on line below) with the exact population of the zip next to the zip code itself.

So, blount county would look something like this:

Blount –
35013 – population 0
35031 – population 7640
35049 – population 3223
35079 – population 7150
35097 – population 1837
35121 – population 14201
35133 – population 3977
Blount- Total Population – 38,028

Next, I need each county turned into a territory…

So, Blount County is 1 territory with a total of 38,028 people. HOWEVER – if Blount county had 475,000 people, then it would need to be split into 2 seperate territories because, as stated in project description, the territories are up to 250,000 people a piece.

If it needed to be 2 territories, you would basically split the zip codes up to equal about 237,500 people per territory and you’d end up with 2 territories for Blount (475,000 divided by 2 is 237,500)

So, here’s another example because this is very important —
if a county has a population of 280,000 – it would be 2 seperate territories (zone 1 and zone 2). However, zone 1 and zone 2 need to be as close to the same population as possible. So, zone 1 and zone 2 both should be as close as possible to 140,000 population each.

NOTE: If you want to be considered for job, please use attached file and provide me with a sample of what needs to be done. Just pick 2 counties and show me you understand.

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