Groupware / Online Collaboration Suite – Integrate Into Webs

I am currently designing, and will launch html pages for . Your job will be to integrate an online collaboration suite of my ultimate choosing (note that I am willing to consider any suite with which you have had past success in deploying for customer(s)), that must be compatible with supported programming languages mentioned below:

–, hosted by Lime Domains (FTP, CGI, PHP, Python – all supported; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc)
– There will be a login gateway for an online collaboration suite (my personal server will handle all receiving/sending of data through this suite). The gateway must support a client-server encryption protocol (e.g. PGP, GnuGP) through whichever transfer protocol is decided upon.
– online collaboration suites currently being considered: Shareflow, Pygowave/Google Wave, ResourceSpave, Alfresco, KnowledgeTree, Group-Office, LibreSource

I am willing to allot up to 40 days for completion.

Looking forward to your bid!

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