Stickam Friend Adder

Hi, i have an auto adder and commenter for I would like someone to make another one for me going off of the script i have. It must filter out guys or girls when sending. Basically, it needs to have a gender filter. Stickam uses 4, 5, 6 digit CAPTCHA when adding, so you will need to get around that. The auto adder i have right now decodes 4 digit captcha.

Due to the fact that it can only decode 4 digit CAPTCHA, the auto adder is kind of slow. The new one must be quicker in speed and decode all three digits. Two people have already tried and failed making this, so if you don’t know that you can do this 100%, then DO NOT bid.

Also, fluent English in mandatory!

The auto adder runs in perl, and the captcha decoder in java.

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